The Future is Emotional

In order to keep, or get, the talent you need to be a successful business in the future, you'll need to create and foster a culture in which that talent can thrive. Today's business environments often aren't built for "emotional people"; however those will be the people and skills needed in order for businesses to stay relevant now and in the future.

How are you adjusting your strategies and talent development to prepare for this shift?

Check out this article from Aeon

Key Points:

  • Just as the behemoth machines of the industrial revolution made physical strength less necessary for humans, the information revolution frees us to complement, rather than compete with, the technical competence of computers. Many of the most important jobs of the future will require soft skills, not advanced algebra.

  • The rapid shrinking of the industrial sector means that most of us have jobs requiring emotional skills, whether working directly with customers or collaborating with our corporate ‘team’ on a project

  • A growing real-world demand for workers with empathy and a talent for making other people feel at ease requires a serious shift in perspective. It means moving away from our singular focus on academic performance as the road to success. It means giving more respect, and better pay, to workers too often generically dismissed as ‘unskilled labour’.

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